Grand staff

Let’s say I key in a bunch of chords on one staff of a grand staff instrument. Is there an easy way to tell Dorico to redistribute the notes to the proper staff so the notation is more readable?

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Just out of curiosity, since I could and would never use it just because I don’t play piano, but isn’t it possible to input directly into both parts of a grand staff at once?

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This is something Dorico desperately needs. You could always enter the notes into each staff separately, but it would be so much faster and easier to be able to do as you suggest. Maybe in version 6?

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When you import MIDI to a grand staff, Dorico can automatically select a good split point. I believe you can specify a fixed split point in. your options, or let Dorico choose automatically. So the functionality is there. I just don’t see any way to apply it to something keyed on on a single staff. This would be a desirable feature.

One could export as a MIDI file then import that same passage to a grand staff with automatic split point. Would be nice to just hit a key as I work without performing this complicated gyration.

Again, I haven’t tried this, but what happens if you extend the input caret to the lower base clef staff and input then?
Maybe I have to try myself… :wink:

As far as I know, adding a split point is the state of the art and has been for a long time. Wouldn’t it be cool if Dorico was the first to distribute the notes intelligently to the appropriate staves without the need of a split point? Real piano music is rarely so simple that the LH never plays notes above the bottom note of the RH. (Not a high priority feature for me personally, but it would be cool!)

Dorico already make this, when you record live on both staves of Grandstaff.

Okay, I just tried this, and when I extend the caret to the lower staff and input anything, it distributes notes nicely along the middle C split point.
Case closed.

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I guess this is the answer. Thank you. Finding answers in the copious documentation has been challenging. Extending the caret to multiple staves

If the caret isn’t active at all, Dorico should split notes you play on a MIDI keyboard when MIDI recording automatically across both staves.

When the caret is active, Dorico will record notes onto the staff/staves the caret is on.

If you’re using standard note input, rather than MIDI recording, then Dorico inputs notes on the staves the caret is on. They might belong to the same instrument, or multiple instruments.

@indigo3301 if you want to share some examples of questions you couldn’t find an answer to by searching the manual, and the sorts of search terms/phrases you used, that would be helpful; it might help me improve the docs going forwards.