Grande se update?

I received the email for the activation code for the grand,when I enter the code all is good till the upgrade lincense part. Says there’s nothing to upgrade from or something in that range,any ideas why am I missing something

Are you trying to upgrade The Grand 3 SE to full version? Or it is something else? Can you be more specific?

I guess it’s an update sorry little confused…I just purchase cubase 8 in the box version It came with the grand se.So I went to steinberg website,to see what the price would be from the grand se to the full version,so I bought the 50$ update,I’m I missing something?

But The Grand 3 Se is not included in Cubase (You have only a demo for it). It is a different license.

You have two options:

  1. Contact Steinberg Shop (Asknet), explain the situation and ask for a refund
  2. Buy The Grand 3 SE license and then you can use the other code to upgrade to full version.

I wanted to buy it any I lose money if I buy it (option 2)

If you ask for a refund all money will be back.
If you decide to upgrade the price will be the same as for everyone.

Here is the link (look for The Grand 3 SE activation code):

Ok thanks will do. So there’s a difference between demos and se version of software,I’m guessing you get a limited time of demos and se you get strip down version of the product?

Yes. SE is a lower or simple version (but with a permanent license). The full license will give you everything.

Remember to activate SE license BEFORE trying to upgrade to full version.

Thanks for your help. All good now

I’m glad to help.