Granular basses, brass, arp sounds, etc...


So this kept me awake again at night… everytime I start creating sounds with Padshop Pro I usually end up loving the interesting textures so much that I just can’t stop. :smiley:

The name is a bit misleading… people may think “oh thats a synth for pads”, but Padshop clearly is not only that.

Just try it.

Here, for starters, how to create a brass sound:

  1. Go and find a texture via the grains which is relatively bright and sounds “full” (think: “sawtooth waveform” in a virtual analog synth, but of course this time with a very complex texture)

  2. AMPLIFIER envelope: some attack (not much, brass comes much faster than strings, but also much slower than a piano), a bit of decay, around 80% sustain and short, but slightly noticeable release, VEL to taste

  3. FILTER envelope: a bit longer attack than AMPLIFIER, decay and sustain to taste, a bit longer release than AMPLIFIER, VEL to taste

  4. Filter itself: 100% key follow (but please experiment with lower values), 24 dB low pass to start with (experiment!!), resonance to taste, a good amount of Envelope (modulation)

Actually thats all. Go for it, you’ll love the brass sounds Padshop produces.

Basses are even easier. Just some texture, short peaking (zero attack) filter envelope and vary the decay of the filter.

Think of a 303 in terms of parameters, but with much, much better oscillators and abilities. Start from there, this is my rule, when creating synth basses: I always start with a 303 in my head and then build on that.

Google a picture of the 303 if you want to find out what you need.

thnx for the info dude! I’ll check it when I’m home!