Granular Guitars for Padshop

Hello, anyone knows how to get the Demo working? I installed it but its still
not showing up. I know in the past i and many people had problems to get working
stuff like PadShop Pro, Vintage Collection for Retrologue e tc, once purchased.


When you request the trial, you will then be sent an email with the download link and a trial activation code (starts with 0240). Please go to Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center.

After you activate the trial, I generally recommend running the Maintenance, and then Actions, Validate License Usage Periods, then you should be all set.

Thank You Sir.

I got it working but i have problem with browsing the presets, they do not show up
separate in the branch tree, they are all mixed with the others which is hell.
The only way to get some to try is to select the Guitars Section of Sounds in the Browser
but then not all sounds show up, the other ones are mixed in other categories.
Now, what i want to know is, how, can i have them in one place, the whole new Set,
meaning, to see all 260 patches in the browser separate from the Factroy.
I own Padshop Pro, please, my purchase decision is based on this, having them separate in Browser.


i’m having the same problems installing it. I activated it but i still can’t find them. any suggestions?

– Open Padshop Pro
– Click on the Preset Name field (top-left of the Padshop’s window, to the right of the buttons)
– Click on the Set up Window Layout (the button you find in the bottom-left corner)
– Enable “Filters” and “Location Tree”
– Under Location Tree, click on the “+” symbol besides the Padshop entry

All banks are separate there (Factory, Factory Pro, individual folders for each expansion).
Clicking on one entry will show the presets releavant to that entry only under “Results” on the right side.

Thanks Fabio, you are correct, i knew it was supposed to be like that,
only difference? I had to scroll down, it was hidden, or expand the window. LOL.

This worked for me:

In my case every time I try to load a preset it crash Cubase 7.5…
The license seems to be fine and I did all maintenance recommended.
Any ideas?


What preset are you picking? Please be sure you’ve installed the latest Padshop from

If the problem persists, I’d suggest verifying your licenses with your local Steinberg support.