Granular Guitars for Padshop

Created by sound designer and composer Simon Stockhausen comes our second signature VST Sound Instrument Set Granular Guitars.

Exclusively made for the Padshop Pro and Padshop instruments based on granular synthesis, Granular Guitars spans close to three gigabytes of samples covering acoustic and electric guitars, psaltery, celtic harp and oud. Also included are 260 presets that provide beautiful textures and different approaches to guitar distortion among the many exciting sounds Granular Guitars has to offer.

Simon Stockhausen said: “My love for guitars and other plucked or bowed string instruments is manifested in the sound library of Granular Guitars.”

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not enough guitars or other bowed instruments heard in the 13 demotracks

but why then calling it GUITARS?
better rename it into “Granular Scapes” or something, that is what the demotracks shows…

so I wouldn´t buy it, coz the “promised” type ins´t that what you get

sorry, but real Guitars granulized would be something, what I could imagine for my ambient-style music :cry:


Omni does most (or very close) of what I heard in the demos.

Nice sounds for sure but just imagine trying to play a simple C major scale with them.
Or anything ‘fast’. And many guit players loooove to ‘shred’!

However If it is not too expensive ($30.00 or so) I will probably grab it because I never know what a client might like/ask for
but IMHO what is really wanted (at least by me) is an updated modern 64 bit Steiny version of
‘Virtual Guitars/Basses’ but that does not seem to be possibility.

For now anyway. But never say never.

Cubase 7.5 crash every time I try to load the granular guitars…?
The demo license appears and seems to be fine and already did maintenance and repair in the e-licenser.
Any ideas?


All working beautifully here… i can understand how people might feel mislead a little but i think i’m seeing it ‘for what it is’… (possibly cos i’m not a guitarist… of the 6 string variety) and from time to time i quite enjoy working with soundscapes and more abstract ideas for which this is perfect… although i’ve just used one of the patches as an intro to a mad disco/electro hybrid thang we’re working on currently… i could also see this getting some serious usage in something like a horror or suspense film… all depends on what your wants/needs are i suppose but i thought for £31 or so it was a steal :smiley:

hello,where can i find the presets to granular guitars?
the samples are there, but i cant find the presets…


best reguards

On my Windows Vista system the installer installed the presets in the
C:\Users(My Name)\AppData\Roaming\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Padshop folder.

Previous to the installation of Granular Guitars all my Steinberg presets (Factory, Factory Pro, Zero Gravity, Granular Symphonies) were installed in the
C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Padshop folder.

BUT after the Granular Guitars installation … the Padshop Preset Browser would not detect the presets in the ProgramData folder … so I had to move everything in the ProgramData folder over to the AppData folder so the Padshop Preset Browser would detect all of my Steinberg presets.

I dunno why this happened. I can only speculate.

When installing Granular Guitars I also had to download and update the eLicenser data base … maybe that had something to do with it … but my hunch is that with Granular Guitars … Steinberg might have decided to revise the folder detected by the Padshop Preset Browser. I suppose it could also have to do with Steinbergs desire to coordinate Padshop with Cubase as well … or maybe it’s because I use Vista.


I’m disappointed with Granular Guitars. Too many patches sound ‘samey’ and I didn’t get the feeling of a guitar being played.

I know Padshop is the platform and by design comes out with some weird results. Some of these I’ve used. 39 Euros doesn’t compare well with other, more musical, soundsets.

So I’ll let the demo run out. They may be great for some genres, but for me GG is a miss.


This comment isn’t specific to GG nor any other Padshop soundset.

Regarding sameness … from time to time I get that impression for all Padshop patches and samples regardless of who made them. There’s a lot of content within each patch and sample, some of it hidden … and Padshop can manipulate them to such a degree … that you’re left with a pretty wide range of sounds and tones that can be created from a single patch or sample.

For me it’s a question of fluency and imagination. I don’t yet have the chops to jump right in and know what to do within Padshop to create what I want to hear … and when it comes to composition I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to use sequenced and rhythmic patches and patches that are less musical. But still … the more I play with Padshop the more I’m learning and the more success I have in this regard … and because of it I’m using Padshop more and more these days.

As to GG … I think it’s fine soundset … and I enjoy using it as much as any of the other Padshop soundsets!


thanx for the support
my padshop havent got the presets but i can import presets from the computer