Granular Guitars/Symphonies Audio


It’s common, these libraries are packed to one file. So you don’t have an access to every single sample file.

yeah but thats was not my point, my point is: why the hell did I buy a soundset where wavs (purchased, arent they?) are locked to user??? (it could be locked in 1 file , so we cant share wavs to anybody, this im ok…but unlock them in the mediabay for paid users !!!)

so why are you protecting those files from buyers (are w<e going to steal them? are they copyrighted?) ?
IMO thats dumb…i feel frustrated/cheated not being able to use my full pack (not only some presets)

But nice, i was about to buy that “granular symph” (for both padshop presets AND wavs) since i got Guitars, i tried to find those wavs before buying “symph”…but then that thing made me save some money (and, in your POV, you lost a customer and some money) !!!

Oh yeah I forgot: Why when i purchase a GA soundset, i got the kits AND access all single wav files ??? (that means IT IS POSSIBLE but for some reason you locked them up in Padshop soundsets…I AM ASKING WHY?)

I am really disappointed by those methods, and seriously it’ll make me hesitate WAY MORE to buy some new future stuffs from you…if you can’t give all access to what we purchased (260 presets and 2bg wavs, what it written in description of the pack !!!) I CALL THIS A RIP OFF (like your android cubaseIC being discontinued nicely !!!)…

So when i’ve been in the middle of 2 ripoff buys, I seriously think about not getting a third one…NO MORE BUY FROM YOU R SHOP is what you wait from your customers? seriously?

Sorry but if you buy an expansion for a synth you should expect to have to use that synth to use the expansion’s sounds. That’s how most expansions have worked for years, it’s not just Steinberg that does this. Consider being able to use Groove Agent 4 wavs outside of GA just a bonus.

a bonus you say??? like “use our pre-made kits or nothing cause we wont let you use individual wavs to make a custom kit, or just drop the kick on the arranger window”…

well are you their lawyer??? (if i buy 260 presets for padshop, ok, but 260 presets and 2gb of sample, i do think i will use those 2gb freely…am I then a completely crazy customer to you???)

LOOK close to the pic attached, do yopu see them talking about 3gb of samples ONLY USABLE IN PADSHOP or not???

I’m not their lawyer, but that image explicitly says it’s “for padshop pro and padshop”. That should be enough to imply that it’s only usable using these VSTs.

In this case, you paid for an add-on for Padshop, not some sort of sample CD that comes with Padshop presets as a bonus. Like I said, most expansions for virtual instruments released recently by any company will be like this.

“to use in” is not equal to “to use exclusively in”…but ok I see you wanna defend them, and I wont be able to make my point then. (thats why I asked if you were their lawyer, thing I already knew you were not!)

So sorry but presets are exclusive to padshop, but wavs sample cant be!!! It could be used in Halion or even GrooveAgent (those are still steinberg things)…I repeat myself buyt i mean you paid for presets AND samples (as in a sample pack, to me) !!!

You said sample packs for synths are like that from other brands…no usually you get a “preset folder” for, lets say “Battery4 Halion EXS24” AND a “wav folder” where all the synth “hits (C3 C#3 D3 etc etc)” are given !!! Cause you could use them in “battery halion exs” but in another sample software to get some other functions!

So I’m saying it again, I would like to be able to use those 3gb of guitar loops I purchased with those presets … and I’m ok if Steinberg locks them in a file that only the mediabay can read…so it wont be used any where elese than a Steinberg host…but at least unlock dem for the buyer !!!

(BTW i really dont understand your position about that, coming and telling “you know it’s like that”…what was your purpose if you dont work for steinberg? seriously? )

can you show me 1 pack that locks the wav content to let the purchaser only use presets???

Got 1 last question why is Granular Guitar (3gb-39€99) more expensive than Granular Symphonies (2gb-29€99) … Am I paying 10€ for that 1gb difference?

Q1 - as far as i can see they are all sold as “sound instrument sets” not “sample cds”. they are packed in a format useable by steinberg vstis. they are not packed for use in kontakt or something else and are not sold as such. if samples are desired buy samples if a sound instrument set for a certain synth is desired buy that. eg i cannot load an addon purchased for gmedia products eg. MTRON or Oddity2 in kontakt or any other vendors vsti. dont buy a product expecting it to be universally available to all vst/vsti unless its available in a common format eg wav, akai, etc. and is labelled/sold as such. Just because steinberg used discreet samples in a drum vsti that can be used elswhere does not mean they will follow that convention for other instruments as well. in short if its labelled for use in a specific instrument you can assume it will only work in that instrument. if its labelled as a “sample set” then you can assume its composed of discreet samples that can be extracted and used elswhere.

Q2 - i guess the cost of producing 2 different “sound instrument sets” varies from set to set or other factors.

my 2 samples worth


So much people playing lawyer for somebody else… Is Steinberg gonna explain or do they let those free lawyers do the job for them?

I talked about other Steinberg apps, said Halion or GA…not Kontakt!

So you think that it’s ok to lock content to 1 and only 1 way of using something you purchased??? Limitations is a bitch (sorry for that bad word, but it’s fuckin true)

And I wanna get that explanation BY STEINBERG, not by random people who can’t do anything for me or explain things with the common “no we think it’s normal, you are crazy thinking that way”.

Why is it always people NOT working at Steinberg that answers for them like if they were their lawyers???
(don’t tell things in the behalf of a third person that is not there!)

Are they really SO different? Don’t you think I chose this example cause, yeah, it’s kinda the same? Only diff is the instruments sampled AND the file size AND the price…
So it’s cheaper to record symphonic instr, than a guitar?? Is it varying so much? Are you serious?

I’m really disapointed by people not working at Steinberg coming to “explain” me why i’m wrong and cant even read my post correctly…
“they are packed in a format useable by steinberg vstis” that’s exactly what I said in my post… but yeah it’s easier to defend a company you dont fuckin even work for with misplaced arguments !


i recently purchased some addon banks for GMedia MTron. those patches do not open in GMedia VSM and they are both “romplers” from the same company. they do not open with anything else other than the intended product nor do i expect them to. everyones expectations are different i suppose.


Is that Mtron soundbank sold with “3bg of samples”…and then are those wavs locked to only serve the corresponding preset???

I talk about audio, WAVS, that could be loaded anywhere !!! Not preset compatibility…I mean, do you have an explanation WHY i couldn’t use the “russian monk” wav from padshop in Halion…without using the padshop preset “russian monk”? DO YOU UNDERSTAND that it wouldnt be a “problem”…so I ask STEINBERG why, why they lock up that??? (as i said, locked for other apps, ok, but unlocked in the mediabay…so nobody will share the wavs on the net, ok !!!)

Can you just understand why i ask that to steuinberg, not wanting to have thiord party people come and say the useless “well its like that…its for padshop only” THAT I ALREADY KNOW!!! WANNA KNOW WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!

Look close to the image i joined earlier, the fact they talk bout 3gb of audio, is not obvious that it’s “3gb of, locked to padshop, audio samples” … can you understand that??? (i would have probably not spent 40€ for some presets !!!)

One point nobody mentioned… Steinberg didn’t produce these a third party did (S. Stockhausen).

I bought both Granular Guitars and Granular Symphonies for use with Padshop and never expected them to be used anywhere else.

I guess its all about the expectations.

And nobody mentioned that it is fairly easy to adjust the parameters in Padshop and record the dry samples on a track.

True (at least somebody that comes with something consistent…more than “it’s like that”…thanks for that).
Tho it’ll be a pain in the ass to bounce all of them…to get that nice mediabay full of material !!!

thanks to you for a usefull answer