Granular Symphonies download issue

two days ago I purchased Granular Symphonies and updated Padshop to Pro (Basic update). After the payment I downloaded Padshop Pro but not Granular Symphonies (I had to make some space on disk) so I skip that download.

I received an email with serials to insert in my eLicenser and I added the products to the usb key (even if I haven’t download Granular Symphonies yet). I have search a lot to find the download link where to bring the Granular Symphonies but I never found it.

How I can get this download again both for mac and pc :question:

Thanks so much,

I run Cubase 7.0.5

Create a support request through your MySteinberg account and support can send you links to download it. Be sure to include your activation code for Granular in your request (starts with 0240).

the problem is that no “request support” button on mySteinberg > Software…
Granular Symphonies is correctly activated but there is no button for ticket, while I have it for Dark Planet or Padshop Pro to understand.

So weird I mean.


We missed to set the support-flag for Granular Symphonies in MySteinberg. I just corrected it and you should now be able to create a support request.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best wishes