Granular Symphonies patch list in Padshop, how do I find it?

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I recently installed granular symphonies and when I open padshop I get a linear list of all existing patches. I can find the patches in the list based on the PDF but there must be a way to isolate and display just the granular symphonies patches. I also tried media bay sound browser with similar results.

Any help would be much appreciated.


In the bottom left of the preset browser is a box, that when clicked lets you display additional panels. You want to display the “filter” panel. At the top of the filter panel, you can change one of the columns to Library Name.

JMCecil, I have looked and looked for that box in the bottom left of the preset browser, and don’t see it. Is it possible the box doesn’t show when running in Logic? (9.1.8). I am stumped, thanks!


Sorry, didn’t know you were using logic. I don’t have logic, but in other windows hosts there should be a big preset list box at the bottom of Padshop. I actually prefer preset browsing in every other host better than Cubase. Can’t stand the media bay and vst3 browser.

JMCecil, thanks for answering with the screenshot! The preset browser looks almost exactly the same for me in Logic, with the folders of add-on presets the way you show them (I would not have the same problem as CDjung1 who started this thread). But there is no “box” that, if clicked, displays additional panels, including filter panels. I’m still kind of stumped. Is there something I’m not getting right? Thanks in advance!


No, that box is a “Browser” Function of Cubase. In other words, it is specific to Cubase.

Ah. Got it. Is there another way of getting to that filtering function? Or maybe, since my presets do sort out “properly” in Logic, I don’t need that capability. What do you think?

Here is what it looks like in the Cubase Patch Browser

Panel setting box

Setting the filter to a specific library

Cubase has integrated patch browsing. I find it more annoying than helpful, but it is what it is. It’s not a matter of “needing” or not. It’s literally the difference between how the hosts manage presets.

Got it! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to set me straight. I won’t worry about not having the filtering. The only thing I might miss not running Cubase is the star rating system, but that’s not a deal-breaker (also isn’t as sophisticated as Alchemy or Omnisphere with their five-star parameters). Now that I have figured out the way Padshop stores and calls up the presets I create myself, I am off and running! And for sure I will stick with Logic, for better or for worse. Thanks again!!!


Well the cubase filtering is extensive. You can make your own fields. There are literally dozens of values you can associate with each preset if you want. But, the editing is so wonky that I can’t see how anyone would have the patience and time to do all the work required to make the meta data functional. Also, I’ve seen numerous occasions where people have put 100s of hours into labeling their library, only to lose it during an upgrade. There’s probably ways to avoid that, but it isn’t user friendly. So, in general I’d say you aren’t missing anything. But, thought I’d point out that the tagging system in that browser is extremely extensive. I just showed you a miniscule portion of it.