Graphic and performance issues

Hello, I’m reporting this issues working with Cubase 8, MacBook Pro 15" i7 quad core 2,5 Ghz 16 Gb Ram, RME fireface UCX firewire and UAD-2 satellite thunderbolt.

1-When deleting a track (after cutting it) it doesn’t disappear exactly at the moment the delete button is pressed but some milliseconds later.
2-When you drag a track quickly from left to right or from right to left it doesn’t move following the arrows bot some milliseconds later too.

they seem to be a graphic issues cause the vst performance is about 5%, This happens with every different values of audio buffer and with asioguard on or off.

3-When “zoom selected track” is activated, and the song is playing, everytime you select another track with the mouse or going up & down with the arrow keys ont the keyboard, the audio drops for about half a second.

Anyone please experienced this please?

I also have sluggish graphics when I want to move an audio part in closer zoom mode on my new iMac 4k and on my mid 2012 Macbook Pro. On my old PC it works like a charm.

Did you find a solution?

Me too, I have a macbook 17 i7 from 2011. After a while the graphic drivers crashes, i can see they aren’t responding in terminal. It’s impossible for me to use my magic mouse, it’s lagging all over the place and I’ve tried several magic mouses but with the same result. I now use a regular usb mouse and that works pretty good but still some lagging.