Graphic Bug

Hi everyone, im new in this forum :slight_smile:
i just installed Cubase 6.5 and notice a graphic bug in the ‘export audio mixdown’ window…
in attachment the reported bug picture.
With this bug i cant see in wich bitrate im exporting the tracks :blush:
didnt notice the bug on cubase 6.0.

is that happen to me only?! i didnt se any other post about this… :unamused:

im on a mac pro 8 core, snow leopard 10.6.8.

Definitely not seen that before, not seen it mentioned here either :confused:
I’m inclined to say trash your prefs, but on the other hand I have no idea how they would influence the layout of the export menu.


Hmm i rember a user had same problem after maxed the window of cubase to the full screen problem was gone.
(drag right bottom corner to right bottom of screen)
Greetz Bassbase


I haven’t seen this before on Mac (I saw this on Windows). Problem on Windows was the changing of the system font size. Is your system up-to-date (with all firmware etc updates)?

yes i just did all the updates from Apple…
i get same bug on both my macs, Macbookpro and Macpro desktop. when i first bought the MacPro i install the same system operative from my MacBookpro with Cubase 5 (that time) and all the plugins and vst that i use, truth Time Machine. The fact that i get the bug in both macs is maybe a sign that the problem is somewhere in my system?
Deleting the preferences folder might solve the problem?

Yes, it looks there is no HW/SW issue.

Try to trash (or rename the folder) preferences. I recommend to rename it. If it doesn’t help, you can rename it back, your Cubase is back with all your settings.


You tested it with maxing the screen? Because a german mac user had same diffculty and by dragging his window to max the screen everything was fine again.

check the first attachment looks like your screenshot-

greetz Bassbase

I did rename the preferences folder but it automatically create a new folder with the same original name and the same files in it, even if i try to delete the copy generated, is coming back straight away… and the bug still there.

The screen is maximized… is strange that the same bug is on both my computers, both on osx.

any idea?

Yes, this is OK. It should works this way. Cubase will create new folder with the same name, and same files. But these files contains different data, non-modified.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in this case.

Just resize the export window and the layout should be recalculated.


YES!!! this works!!! thanks a lot!