Graphic card advise is 1030 Good?

I’m about to build a new PC with a Ryzen 3700x and an Asus x370 MB, 32Ram a 2TB M.2 SSD for my Cubase 10.5.
I use alot of RME cards in the MB slots and want to save space using a slim Graphic Card.
The thinnest card i found is the Gigabyte Nvidia GT 1030 DDR5 1 slot card. From what i understand this card is quite enough for my Build,
But I hear all kinds of opinions regarding Nvidia VS Radeon for Cubase . Some say it’s a matter of drivers configuration.
So my question is, Will this card give me any problems for me? anybody had good or bad experience with the 1030 and can tip me on configurations?

Is this only for an audio machine, or will you be doing video/gaming? The integrated GPU would be sufficient if you’re not pushing video or going out to dual 4k monitors.

In regards to the 1030, i run a 1050 TI and it’s been fine, i’ve also got a machine that runs an RX560, again fine. I ensured i had the correct drivers and supporting software installed for both, prefer the Nvidia however.

My main machine for audio doesn’t even have a dedicated GPU though - just running on the intel inegrated chipset, and i’ve never felt the need to buy one - maxed out on CPU/MB/Ram/SSD and thought i’d see how it goes. It’s running 2x 1080P screens though, so probably lucky in that respect.

Just make sure your PSU is a decent one, on any PC build of course. Many PSU’s can’t reliably deliver their stated specs - that and the motherboard are the most critical components for a stable audio setup.


It’s strictly an audio machine, no gaming or heavy graphics usages. maybe just internet surfing and some light video editing.
I’m buying the Ryzen 3700x CPU and it does not support integrated GPU, in other words I must use a graphics card.
I just heard people say to stay away from Nvidia with Cubase, so just wanted to make sure

Well, I use the 1050 and not had issues, just return it if you do. Anything you buy should be fit for purpose.

Shame those Ryzens don’t have an integrated GPU as you won’t have anything to compare the performance to. But for me personally Nvidia system runs better for me, but I only use intel spec builds.

Just a note to the OP: You state “ a Ryzen 3700x and a Asus x370 mb” (maybe a typo ?) you want a x570 MB. The 370 chipset was/is a Intel chipset compatible with Intel 8th gen processors.

And the Nvidia 1030 will be just fine

I bought the Asus Prime X370-A, it’s a Ryzen MB

I think they are good enough for most daw work loads. MSI has a version than is fan-less and has display port and hdmi.
I use that for my linux studio computer and I had that card in my DAW before.

X370 is a Ryzen mobo.
Z370 is an Intel mobo.

Thanks for the clarification: I stand corrected