Graphic card, multi-screen display and Cubase


First of all I’m totally amazed by all the features on Cubase 8.5 Pro. I come from Sonar and I don’t miss much. Working with audio is REALLY nice and the midi options are amazing. I do miss some features from Sonar (the “snapiness” of the staff editor) but overall I’m more than satisfied.

I’m currently building a new PC strictly for audio. I won’t play game with it, won’t browse the web (except for updates and stuff) or anything superfluous. I’ll use the gold version of EastWest Hollywood library (among others) so I’m going for a decent build. I’ll use the i7-5820k which doesn’t come with integrated graphic. For the graphic card, I was initially going for the strict minimum, like a GT 730. But that got me thinking…will I run into problems with Cubase? I’ll use a 3 screen display setup (which the GT 730 can do) but I want to be sure I won’t run into any problem.

So, anyone have any experience with cheap graphic card and Cubase? Should I invest a little more just to be sure? I’ve read in previous threads that some people ran into graphic-related problem with Cubase but there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus as for the unofficial minimum graphic requirement.

I’m on windows 7 64bit i7 with a GT640. I use the 2 video outs from the motherboard plus the 2 video outs from the GT640 for a total of 4 video monitors with no issues.


if you really do not need graphic power for games, i recommend a “Radeon Saphire 6450 FLEX”.
Important is the FLEX, because it works with 3 Monitors ( 2x DVI and 1x HDMI) without the need of an active displayport.
It is passive cooled (no fan), absolute quiet and about 60 € only.

Greets, Vacsy