Graphic card

I can’t readily see the card itself without moving things, but the docs says it is 2 x DVI, 1 x HDMI, & 1 x DisplayPort. One of my monitors is connected using a DisplayPort to HDMI converter cable (works fine). It does have a fan, so it isn’t silent, but I never really hear it. I think the fan runs slow and is oversized to increase the airflow plus my PC case has some soundproofing.

The attached shows how all my monitors (both aural & visual) are arranged. Basically the speakers are on fairly tall stands. I used noise isolation stands & pads to angle them down. When I’m sitting in the sweet spot (slightly different for each set) the tweeters are pointing straight at my ears. Notice the smaller pair are flipped upside down to make that happen.

Then indeed the drivers are causing the issues. If its important for you to run a “gaming” card like this, you could try to set the PCIE down to lower Gen in BIOS, ie set PCIE slot to x1 or x2. May be farfetched, dont know if that is a possible to do and still have card working.

I have done more tests…

It DOES help to set graphics card to Gen3 in BIOS (3.0 PCIe) if you have problems with spikes/glitchy audio and you are running a 4.0 PCIe GPU (like the AMD 5700 XT…).

When you want to have full GPU performance (for gaming for example): just reboot your PC and choose another profile in BIOS where you have set your slot PCIE to 4.0.

There is also some correlation with memory speed but I haven’t really found out how really, just that down-clocking memory can actually improve DPC latency performance if you indeed have a “gaming” GPU card. Not that anyone wants to do that, but interesting never the less.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out!

edit: I got it working! The pcie switch from 4 to 3 didn’t apply to me because my mobo doesn’t support pcie 4. BUT you did make me peek into my BIOS and I noticed the pcie slot of my GPU was running at 8x speed. I did this years back to get an UAD dsp card running in another 16 slot. So, switching the UAD card to a 1x slot and setting the GPU slot to 16x speed got everything running as it is supposed to.

Hi raino - great to have picture of your setup included!

May I ask how you usually use your 4 monitors when working with cubase?

I have a similar setup - except it is 5 monitors (the fifth is close to the front of the desk - something I needed because I need glasses for reading…
4 of them arranged in squeare in the middle between the audio monitors.

Thx, Ernst

The 2 in the center are the main focus and it varies depending on the tasks. I see that folks have problems with Workspaces on multiple monitors, but they work fine for me. The center left (CL) almost always has the Project Window. If I’m writing or editing the MixConsole is on the far right monitor (FR) while the CR has various Editor Windows and FL is misc. stuff like RME GUI, Windows Explorer, even more editing windows, whatever. When Mixing the MixConsole moves to CR, and on occasion CL too. When auditioning VSTi presets that’s usually on the FR since that’s straight ahead when facing the keyboard controller.

I suppose I can consider my Metagrid iPad as a small close 5th monitor.

Thx, raino! :slight_smile:

But how do i run cubase on multiple monitors? I have 2, and the way i figured out is that i need to click F3 (open in separate window) and then drag the window on the second screen but when i restart cubase its back to default. How do you guys setup yours to work with, really? :unamused:

Hi, i just assembled a new PC with ASUS Radeon RX5700 XT and cubase quit unexpectly like a nightmare… so Radeon and Cubase dont match?

well, I did manage to get the 5700XT working as I wrote later in this thread.

lately Cubase is also crashing here but it doesn’t seem to be the graphics card (the graphics drivers I use are still the same from when all was working fine)