graphic files delete from editors


I have been doing some experiment with custom music symbols (importing some graphic files) and now they are all appearing in the Graphic selection of my editors.
It’s now really messy (lots of duplicates, etc…) and there is no naming so I need to clean this up.

There is no way (yet ?) to delete an existing graphic file.
But, is it safe to delete them from the subdirectories of :
/private/var/folders/23/_3qwnfqc8xj09j006s6mmcgr0000gp/T/Dorico 3.5
where they actually stand ??

Do I need to hand clean the graphicManifest.xml file too ?
(/private/var/folders/23/_3qwnfqc8xj09j006s6mmcgr0000gp/T/Dorico 3.5/ocfsessions/session-8e02a/d10e6/supplementary_data/graphics/graphicManifest.xml)

Thanks for your help


I guess all this won’t have any effect as these files are created from the actual document when opened…

Those are temp folders. No need, and no use, modifying them.

Yes I figured that, and that’s why I added a response to my own post…

There’s no way to remove those graphics at the moment. If you really need this done, you can email the project to me and I can try to remove them by hand.