Graphic frame formats

In the Print > Destination > Graphics mode of Dorico, PDF, PNG, SVG and TIFF file formats are supported for export.

The list for import, according to the manual: “Graphics frames allow you to load images or illustrations into your score in a variety of formats. You can load graphic files of the following formats: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, and .SVG”

Are eventual plans being considered to eventually expand the list of graphics formats supported in Graphics frames? EPS would be one additional useful format, as would TIFF. I have client logos in both of these formats.

Thank you.

We do not plan to support EPS graphics in the near future. However, almost all EPS files can be converted to SVG without any loss of fidelity. If you have access to an illustration program like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer, you should be able to save your EPS file as an SVG (ideally using the TinySVG 1.1 profile, which is guaranteed to work in Dorico, though many SVGs saved using the full SVG 1.1 profile will also work just fine, though exactly which SVG features will and will not be rendered correctly is not fully known), and use that with Dorico.

It’s possible that we might be able to support TIFF files more easily, but again it should be possible to save your TIFF files as PNG files from any graphics program (or indeed from Preview on macOS) without any loss of fidelity.

What about importing PDF files? I am going to be compiling an anthology of music where I will be using Dorico for the layout and bringing in existing pages of music to insert. Will I have to convert each page of the PDF into another format before bringing it into Dorico?

If “each page of the PDF” means your existing music examples are all in one multi-page PDF, you would need to convert them to separate files anyway, unless Dorico had some way to specify which page (and/or which part of a page) you wanted to display in each graphics frame.

Apart form that, a “PDF import” option would either have to support a lot of features that might seem irrelevant (e.g. a PDF page with embedded movie files, or links to other files or to the internet), or else the Dorico team would have to start making arbitrary decisions about what subset of PDF features was and wasn’t supported.

Incidentally, that’s also an argument for not supporting TIFF directly any longer in anything but a graphics format converter app - a TIFF file is really just a “container” for huge number of different graphics formats, including multi-page images.

I must say that I would have loved to be able to insert pdf pages — I write all my texts with XeLaTeX, which outputs pdf — inside Dorico. It would have saved me some time when correcting my work. Nevertheless, I still can input those pages in a pdf editor…

Can’t you use dvipng or a similar tool to convert LaTeX’s output into something that’s easier to use? PDF is great as an output format but not that good as an input format.

Thanks, Paul, I’ll check that !

I too would appreciate TIFF and EPS if they get added (it would eliminate a step).

Well, I’ve got to disagree. TIFF and EPS are 20th-century dinosaurs. Dorico is the future :wink:

Sorry, I was primarily meaning import (although I still export/import TIFF and EPS when preparing publications because they’ve always worked in the past but perhaps I should change).

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to import at least some kinds of TIFF files, though TIFF is a very broad church and there’s no guarantee that we could import all kinds of graphics that you can bundle up inside a TIFF, but I’m afraid it’s very unlikely that we will import EPS files in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the consideration.
I used to teach graphics and always had students save in a number of formats when they finished a design, especially EPS and TIFF for import into PageMaker, inDesign, QuarkXPress etc. I realise things have moved on, but old formats are still used.