Graphic Glitches in Cubase 13 on Windows

Short update:

on PCs with NVIDIA, setting V-Sync to “Fast” solved the issues on all machines but one.
On that machine we had to enable Power Management to High Performance to fully resolve the issue.

On PCs with AMD cards, Anti-Lag was the only setting that was needed on our test machines.
Should this not be helpful, we recommend to also try vertical sync and refresh options.

Procedures for both cards require to create a Program/Game profile for Cubase.

If multiple screens are in use, please make sure they are all set to refresh at the same rate (60 Hz recommended, especially if the supported rates are different for the various screens).

To provide a fall-back strategy is still in evaluation, there is a risk factor and we want to be certain that the comfort of having a switchable menu entry is not rendered uselss by introducing crashes.