Graphic Glitches in Cubase 13 on Windows

Not sure, if this is the same issue. I face graphical issues in C13 under Win11 when starting Cubase “too soon”. Then some graphic elements are not shown (e.g. text in buttons like “OK” or “Cancel”) and in the mixer area the drop down list for insert effects is empty.

I close Cubase, wait 1 min and then it works.

Yesterday I faced a strange behavior with a 3rd party plugin, which made Cubase useless (reported in another thread)

And the Cubase GUI isn’t a little blurry for you??

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It’s fine
It’s not like with HiDPI when enabled but as I said it’s not blurry at all

Thank you, I went into my NVIDIA control panel, added Cubase 13 as 3d application and turned off the NVIDIA features such as Low Latency, as well as VSync and some other stuff I figured Cubase wouldn’t need. Also had the opportunity to set Cubase to use max performance (which apparently was not automatically set globally, so for every negative there is always a positive!).

Any way, fixed now. Cheers.