Graphic Glitches

Mine is only VU meters in console 1, but other mixer consoles are working.

Addendum to my previous post … glitch noticed in HUB with the 2 prompts for project location.

  • Windows 11, 22H2, Cubase 12.0.70, Cubase 13.0.10, 3 monitors set to 75Hz, AMD Driver only (Ver 31.0.14037.17019 April 24, 2023). Fireface 802.

Hi, trying the NVIDIA fix suggested but the options on my ASUS NVIDIA GT 730 do not seem to match (see pics)\ -no ‘Fast’ option or use ‘High Perf NVIA Processor’ found
Can anyone advise please

Which NVIDIA card do you have?
please post the System Information (created by clicking on the bottom left of the Nvidia control panel)

Do you have the last driver or last Control panel from NVIDIA?

its an ASUS NVIDIA GT 730
Windows says i have the best driver installed when I try Driver update
Its confusing on the NVIDIA site… the latest ones are ‘Game ready’ so was not sure whether to install those for Cubase
Will post sys info later when in my studio again
Any advice?

Game Ready is the only driver branch available for the GT 700 and 900 Series, Studio is available for GTX 1000 and later.
There have been no actual updates to GT 700 series driver since September 2021, the latest revisions from NVIDIA is 472.12 (later packages contain only “security updates”), so not all options are available for those cards.
You could try to install the 472.12 package from NVIDIA and activate V-Sync (select “On”, “Fast” won’t be available for the 730, as the processor choice isn’t).
If that doesn’t work, you could try to set Power Management mode to High Performance.

“Power Management mode to High Performance.”
is that on the NVIDIA Control Panel?

Please, fix these synchronization problems in Cubase 13 instead of the control panel of our graphic cards.

There are several of us here who don’t have any solution for our graphics glitches.


Then do they come under ’ Known issues ’ ?

I think so but according to Fabio_B, not all “known issues” will be fixed in the next update.

Yes, indeed. In your first screen-shot it’s set to Use global setting (Optimal Power). But I’d set it so only if V-Sync doesn’t solve the issue. Hope it helps.

Ok thanks

Just got a new glitch.
Groove Agent SE5 strobing, flickering graphics…renders it unusable.
(C13pro, Win 11, i512600k, 32GB RAM, nvidia3070, focusrite4i4 (4th gen) - all drivers and windows are updated to latest versions)

I have the recommended nvidia settings for Cubase 13 - sync and power.
This was on a project created in Cubase 12.

I have this one too. Very strange as it only happens on an external monitor, and only for Groove Agent, Padshop and Retrologue - 3rd party VSTs don’t appear to be affected.

I’ve done the nvidia settings which sorted out the other graphical glitches. I was connecting to external monitor via displayport; originally I was connected via HDMI but I was getting awful cpu spikes so I changed over. Now with the flickering, I’m just using the laptop screen itself and everything is rendering correctly

Specs in case it is useful for anyone:

C13 Pro
Ryzen 7 5800H
GeForce RTX 3070

Same here, flickering plugin UI on all monitors for groove agent, halion, padshop, retro. 3rd party plugins are fine

nvidia vsync also sorted other graphical glitches.
performance mode made no difference

C13 Pro
Intel i5 13500
GeForce RTX 3070, latest drivers
Focusrite 8i6
2 monitors both at 60Hz

It’s been nearly a month, and I’m still not able to use Cubase 13 properly, everything is very glitchy. This situation is frustrating, especially considering the specific new features in the upgrade that I am unable to use.

6800XT, most recent AMD Software: PRO Edition Revision Number 22.Q4, Windows 11 Pro.

Since putting vertical sync ON i have had no blank white screens, so fingers crossed

Once again, it would be better to resolve the problem in Cubase 13 rather than in the settings of our computers.

There is no such problem in Cubase 12.

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I started using Cubase and after some moments glitches begging to show-up.

I have Cubase Pro 13 and laptop spec:
Lenovo Legion Pro 7-16
4+2 TB M2
RTX4080 240Hz
Laptop screen resolution is max 2560x1600
Second screen is Pepper Jobs XtendTouch with max 1920x1080.

I used Spitfire Audio Studio Orchestra Professional

Also i see there is a problem with proper way of displaying interface of plugins. Interface is cuted:

To solve it i need to slide it to main screen.

Also during a usage of Cubase i tried other things like a minimize plugins. After i restore all, VST were flickering. Cubase was frozen I tried to do something, because i didn’t see “not responding”. I tried to wait, but i decided to close Cubase in Task Manager. After i re-open Cubase i receive info about third party plugins. i did not close them .
Even few plugins are the problem. Also i get this problem when i clicked in media panel. I tried to be careful, but something else trigger flickers

I tried Nvidia settings and it didn’t helped. Also i tried to unplug my second screen and everything started to work fine. Also i re-plug my second screen, but instead of using HDMI port, i used USB-C and no more problem with flickering plugins. But cutting interface is still a problem…
I used same resolution for each screen, but it didn’t help. Some plugins like Kontakt 7 works fine, but FM8 nope… But problem only exist on my second screen.

I expected that I will not have some major glitches, but still i get one. I don’t know how, but while i was just adjusting plugin and Cubase happen to be frozen… But this not all, other programs also had problem. LIke i could not close Opera.

I only didn’t switch to 60 Hz.