Graphic interface issue

All my cubase 12 pro standard plugins are not coming up with the graphics interface. just a bunch of faders to move . Black and blue interface. But no graphic pictures and knobs. Im on windows. I have reinstalled my e licence. Scared to uninstall cubase pro 12. Because its a upgrade from 11pro. Anyone know whats going on here.


You have probably clicked Switch to Generic Editor in the Functions menu of the plugin :

Switch to Generic Editor

However, are you implying that every time you load a plugin it opens with the Generic Editor ?
Normally it resets when you remove a plugin and load it again, it should open with the normal GUI straight away. If this persists I’d recommend removing the Cubase 11 folder from AppData>Roaming>Steinberg (or keep it somewhere safe in case you need to use C11 again), as this can sometimes cause bad interactions between the versions. Also remove the Defaults.xml file from the Cubase 12 folder, a new clean one will be created next time you run Cubase.
If this still doesn’t work, remove the whole Cubase 12 folder.
Before deleting the folder, just don’t forget to store the PluginManager.xml somewhere safe if you have any custom plugin list, or any other xml files related to custom settings, so you can put them back into the folder to retrieve your custom stuff.

Also, different versions of Cubase can be installed side by side, and managed independently. This most of the time doesn’t cause any issues, apart when it sometimes doesn’t migrates the preferences properly, which seems to be your case.