Graphic issue for a title page


Is there any advise one can provide for being able to make this image fill the whole graphc area so that I do not have the white banners above and below this image?

Thank you in advance!


First step is setting the page margins to zero, then make sure that your PNG is the right size to fill the whole page.

Setting your page margins to zero, though, would in general not be advisable, because then you’ll have to adjust the music and text frame margins on every other master page for that layout, as well as replicating any manual changes you might have made on overridden pages. I’d be tempted to add this kind of full colour cover after the fact in another program that allows you to combine PDFs together.

Thank you, Daniel,

I have been doing this in the past, however, I need to send this score digitally so I was hoping there be a solution to this that I was overlooking.

Thanks again Daniel and best regards,


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but you can combine title pages in something like Adobe Acrobat and save the whole thing as a PDF, and send it digitally.

Yes, good point. I will explore Dan.

Thank you