Graphic lag when using 3rd party plugins

I got a terrible graphic lag, that extends to audio when I have 3rd party plugins visable. Started when I updated to 11. When they aren’t visable, they and Cubase work allright, but the overall performance have worsened badly since updating to v11 from v10, I now have to use 256 samples, from earlier 48 or 64 in Asio. Latency is very important since I’m a drummer and use pads. This happens both when I use HDPI and when I’m not.

Please give me tips have to improve performance, I want my 48samples latency back. Thank you!

  1. Everything works quite well until I open up a plugin to edit them visually.

So I use Waves ultramaximizer (legacy version, paz analyzer, Electric 88 (worst). (and many others from Gold/restauration++) But in this specific project I used those I mentioned. All version 12. I also e-mailed the issue to Waves.

Hardware: Intel I9 9900, Rog Strix RTX 2070, Steinberg UR242.
Software: Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio, Waves Gold and Electric 88 Plug-ins, V12. Cubase 11.0.10. Halion 3, Groove Agent 5. ( all newest versions) Winows 10 pro.

Dear Valued Customer
Kaj Antfolk

I fixed some of the performance issues with a Steinberg UR242 driver update. From 1.something to 2.0.4. Improved performance significantly.

Still graphic lag, with plug-ins thou, but less. And latency down to 128 samples.

Gaaahhh… messed around with different graphic settings… And now it’s worse than ever… even if i’m back where I’m started. Now I have graphic and audio lag all the time…

Oh, that was antimalware service executable running… Can one stop that? V11 seem to be more sensitive to that process too, since i just started to notice it. And why is that process making everything else lagging? Even on 3% cpu usage?

Oh, but it’s still bad, and it seems that Cubase is not using my GPU at all, is it using intels HD graphics? That would explain a lot. Since the graphics seem to effect the audio, Didn’t do that in 10.5. And I had none of this problems before I updated, this is now inflicting on my workflow in a major way, Please help! Work to do!

Found an odd workaround, if I start to record video with NVDIA experience, the graphics start to run smooth again. ???

Did a windows “fresh install” Still same problem…