Graphic problem - issue or settings?

After installation Cubase Pro update 10.5.12 the recorded audio tape (.wav file) looks good graphically.
When I convert it to part (Command: Event to part) it still looks good.
But when I get into the audio part editor - the audio tape becomes graphically incorrect (see attachment).

In all previous versions, I have never had a similar problem.

Maybe someone knows the reason? Is it an issue or is it a setting?


If you mean the waveform looks distorted, then I guess the Waveform Zoom (slider in the up right corner of the Audio Part editor) is set to the other but 0 level. Just move it down.

Thanks, Martin!
The answer is correct. It’s nice to hear that there is only settings.
I’ve been working at Cubase for many years, and now I see that little arrow for the first time.