Graphic problems with Halion Sonic SE3 Options Page

I have graphic rendering problems with Halion Sonic SE3 on Options page.
Text is shown as some sort of “bar-code” (see screenshot in attachment).
I have Intel HD Graphics 3000 card.
Also issues with inspector pane in Cubase 3.5.30 Elements (as mentioned in this thread: )


Have you tried to trash Cubase preferences (Cubase Safe Start Mode)?

Go to this page:
Download the file d2fix.reg and run it. Restart your machine. That should solve your [any v3 sonic, SE or 6] Halion problem.
The Inspector problem in Cubase is suffered by a few users like ourselves who have graphics issues with Intel 3000. Some users have reverted to the graphics2d.dll file installed in an earlier maintenance version, although this has its own issues with graphics in other parts of the program. I have put in a ticket which was acknowledged by Steinberg and I hope it will be solved with the next Cubase maintenance update.