graphic question

Hi all,
is it normal a graphic like the one I’have attached? It seems that something is missed, like buttons etc.


If you go to the little gear shaped icon in the lower left of that section you can configure how items are displayed. It looks like you have it set to have the rows displaying the buttons set to only show a single item per row.

Thank you raino, let me try, I’ll let you know. It’s strange I didn’t change anything…

Raino, It seems that doesen’t work!

It’s a bug! Written are missed completely and it goes on crash.

You should probably submit a support request using My Steinberg.

Right click, track control settings ?

Raino, no aswer from them, since 8 days!
Airflamesred, same thing, no written, and crash, as you both can see on the image, even it’s in italian.