Graphic score creation - questions about rests and lines


I am notating a responsive ‘tape’ part on an electroacoustic score. At this stage I’m using lines, including my own custom lines. I’m doing this on a ‘Sampler’ staff but I can’t remove rests. Is there a way round this, or should I use a different Dorico instrument (and then rename it)?

On the custom lines - is there a way to set their length? e.g. the horizontal span of horizontal lines along the staff? Otherwise I have to size them all in Engrave, which isn’t fixed in relation to the staff and can create huge problems later on.



Hi Rachel – If I’m reading the situation right, the reason Remove Rests isn’t working is that you have no notes in that instrument at all. If you add a note at the end somewhere (and hide it), the previous bar rests become editable. But you might want to wait to remove rests until after doing all the entry, because with them hidden, you can’t select bars to add a line.

Lines can be attached to beat positions, if you’re not already doing that. Use Shift-Alt-arrows to move the endpoint by the rhythmic grid. And where there are no notes, you can use Ctrl-Alt-arrows to move the start point. (⌘⌥ arrows on Mac)

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Many thanks, both suggestions helped!