Graphic Slices Feature Suggest

One thing that I hope the Dorico Team will adopt with Graphic Slices is to reduce the size of the bounding box by the area of the include graphics. This is accomplished in Frescobaldi with LilyPond quite well. Any idea if this might be in the pipeline?

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure what you’re after. You want to export a graphic that is bounded exactly by the music, with no margins?

I have begun to experiment with Graphic Slices and am quite impressed, especially with the possibility of adjusting the edges of the box with the Alt+arrow keys while seeing the measurements change in the properties panel.

This being said, Sibelius has a checkbox called “Use smallest bounding box”. The manual says that the file uses the page dimensions of the score, margins included, as the bounding box. When the option is switched on, the file is cropped to the edges of the music. The option is greyed out is “Graphic selection” (i.e., the exact area one wishes to reproduce) is selected.

This would be welcome from where I’m standing as well. I’d much rather control negative space in the DTP than eyeball it in Dorico.

Hi Daniel. Sorry for the late reply.

What I mean is, instead of eyballing the bounding box for the slice I instead have an option for the bounding box to be restricted to strictly the outer boundaries of the election that I’ve made. See the pictures below.

Got it. Thanks for the feedback.