Graphic slices for footnote examples

When I import a graphic slice of a musical example into a target Dorico file, the size of the music in the examples is varying depending on the size of the Graphics Frame I draw. This leads to an inconsistent staff size for multiple examples. Is there a way to keep or make the example true to its original size within the Graphics Frame?

I think I just answered my own question. Properties Panel>Graphic Fit mode: unscaled.

An alternative option is not to use graphic slices, but instead use separate flows and use frame selectors to show specific flows in specific frames.

Thank you, @Lillie_Harris. That is how I have been doing the examples until now, but as the number of examples increases, I have found it less practical (although it does have the advantage of instant correction of the example by correcting the source.) So I am trying the Graphic Slice approach.