Graphic slices in PNG format with white background anti-aliased


When exporting graphic slices in PNG format, I would like them to have a white background and be anti-aliased. As I am writing this, the only possible alternatives are either anti-aliased with transparent background (except for rehearsal marks and possibly other objects that I am not yet aware which btw makes no sense) or aliased with white background.

The reason for exporting without transparent background is for sharing the content on forums and such where the background might be some other colour than white making the otherwise black content hard to see. In fact, in Windows 10’s Photos app with dark mode enabled, that’s already the case.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about whether or not we could add an option for including a white background in exported graphics in future.

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Apologies for reviving an old post, but I wanted to voice support for the same request as the OP. Is this the best way?

Currently when exporting PNGs, you can choose from

  • Mono: white background, aliasing, and no color
  • Color: transparent, anti-aliasing, and color

It would be awesome if Color mode had a checkbox for exporting with an opaque background.

for educational purpose slices with colored notes in png . It could be great to have the possibilities to have a background for example white. For the moment I open these slices in affinty and put a background cache and re-export them.
Another solution could be to create a text frame with background color, but we can’t set them behind (-z-index) the notes
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It will be possible to export graphics with a white background in the forthcoming Dorico 5.1 update.