Graphic slices with key signature and clef

I’d like to be able to create graphic slices for export to a word processor for analyses and assignments.
Whilst the in-built feature works quickly and effectively, if the bar required is away from the left-most bar, the slice omits necessary key and clef.
In Sibelius I used to create independent scores for every excerpt to circumvent this problem, which is very time-consuming!
What do people recommend/do?
Create a score with weird system breaks to prioritise the slice regions?
Make seperate scores?

You can always make a duplicate layout of the same music with strange system breaks, which doesn’t disturb any other layouts. If I’m understanding this correctly, there’s no need to split the file.


I think I have done what you’re describing you’d like to accomplish. I’ve tried it a couple ways. One way is to set up a slice (or slices) of the type of excerpt you need (e.g., a clef, key signature, and scale pattern) and then edit the music after each slice export. This is only helpful when you don’t need to preserve the original notation, but it’s faster not having to create and adjust slice settings (file type, quality, etc.)

Doing system breaks as you describe can also be helpful so that there’s no risk of messing up the slice you set up by a bar creeping in or out of range.

What sorts of examples are you creating? That might help determine the approach, too.

Thanks. I think that is the best solution.

Thanks. I’d like to preserve the original notation so creating a new layout in the one file (e.g. “Full Score - sliced version”) seems the most elegant solution.