Graphic velocity control

I’m holding back on Dorico until a graphic velocity control is implemented: it is absolutely vital for piano mock ups (I’m a lousy player…) where notes played simultaneously frequently have different velocities, and where DAWs can’t cope in their midi control tracks.
In Sibelius 6.2, using Live Performance tools, I can select a group of notes in the score and sweep across the velocity tags with the mouse.
Graphic Midi Tools will soon offer a similar manipulation of the Live Tempo track
for Sibelius 7+
I am thus tempted to upgrade to Sibelius 2018.x!

I understand your reasoning, but you are foregoing the opportunity to learn how to work with Dorico while you wait for velocity control. As gifted as the programmers and planners are in this software, there is a learning curve, and it would be a shame for you to find out this summer that Dorico is supporting the features you want only to realize you will have months of practice with the program ahead of you before you can use it productively.

(At the same time I have to admit there will likely be an upgrade cost if version 3 comes out this summer.)