Graphic2.dll issue - Terrible graphics crashing

Could I have a driver conflict? Many versions installed.

My system is totally unstable now. Display blacks our, freeze, etc.

Can we get Steinberg to check-in here. I’ve installed their products. They have about 4 different versions of this dll. There is an err in the Steinberg log file about it. When I launch Cubase is crashes my graphics and my whole system.

I would go to windows safe mode , use this tool How to Totally Uninstall Nvidia, AMD or Intel Graphics Drivers | Tom’s Hardware ( , remove all traces of your graphics drivers old and new , if you have had multiple different brands , do the process more than once choosing the brand , and then reinstall ONLY your driver , no bloatware at all . this is the important part .

How do I know which of the multiple steinberg drivers to install?

I would go to the website of your graphic card manufacture and download the latest drivers they provide and install , then rename the Cubase preference folder and let Cubase rebuild the preferences from scratch

My PC graphics are not failing right now. Screen was going black. Weird graphic distortions. Freezing up. Crashing completely. The thing that stopped it seems to be setting DPI scaling override on Cubase to this:


This made the PC graphics stable so far. I am now getting a Cubase graphics err dialog box and Cubase crashes. It will run for a while but then I get the crash. I attached the Cubase dump file.

Cubase 64bit 2023.7.11 (1.17 MB)

It’s still the graphics file causing the issue , I can see you are on C11 ? Have you tried renaming the preference folder and letting Cubase rebuild the preferences ?
In the preferences there’s a HiDpi box , have you tried adjusting the resolution ?

I’ll try that. I should probably take screenshots of the preferences first right? Where is that pref file?

When I reboot, and it says it crashed and gives me some options It tells me that the Vienna Imperial . vst3 crashed. That’s a new plug-in I got from VSL.

In preferences under edit I don’t see any HiDpi settings.

What’s your system spec ? , i would disable your plugins on startup and see if it loads

Cubase comes up and runs for a while before crashing. How do I force it to give me the option to disable plugs?

Its been stable for a good hour and a half now with cubase running.

I’ve got this other weirdo problem I’ve had since I got the PC. Its has a wireless mouse and keyboard. Logitech. Every so often the keys and mouse are not responsive for several seconds sometimes. Probably not related to graphics drivers.

I tried renaming and rebuilding preferences. It seems to be stable for now. What’s the theory to why a corrupt preferences file could de-stablize the graphics?

Preferences can become corrupt for one reason or another , if you were having lots of Graphical issues with different plugins then it’s better to let the back running processes in the preferences rebuild and then move on from there if there are still issues , at least your making headway

I’ve tried everything now. I haven’t been able to use my system for weeks now. I appreciate your help.

  • Disabling DPI Scaling in Cubase prefs
  • Rebuilding prefs
  • Reinstalling graphics driver
  • chkdsk, scanow
  • I thought I had it fixed. I had plugins playing some midi notes in a loop for hours. Then it failed with graphics err again.
  • I just launched Cubase with 3rd party plugins disabled. Failed almost immediately. Here is the err mgs:

Cubase dump file from yesterday attached.
Sysinfo export file attached.

(Attachment Welti sysinfo export.txt is missing)

Cubase 64bit 2023.7.16 (936 KB)

It rejected sysinfo file. I converted to .pdf.


Welti sysinfo (156 KB)

Are you running Linux as well ?

Nope. Single OS. Why do you think so?