Graphical Glitch with Cubase 13 and edit window

I am on Windows 10, I just upgraded from 12 to 13 and this issue is unique to Cubase 13 and no other previous versions of Cubase I have used have this issue.

When I click and drag on the timeline to zoom in and out in the edit window it creates this extreme visual distortion where everything on the screen distorts by flickering and vibrating and becoming blurry (most noticeably audio events and text).

I added two pictures, one depicting the issue when I click on the timeline and one with how it appears when I don’t click on the timeline.

I have tried changing my monitor settings as well as messing with Nvidia 3D settings and nothing is helping. I am talking to support and none of their ideas are helping and support is claiming this is NOT a Cubase issue when I don’t understand how it couldn’t be. I am only encountering this in 13 and have used every version of Cubase since 8 and have never had this issue. Any ideas?