Graphical Issues

I’m suddenly having some graphical issues where lines aren’t connecting (stems to noteheads to flags, bracket segments, etc.). When I zoom way in (like 800%) it’s fine, but anything wider, like when I have it at a normal working zoom level of 150%-200% it’s really irritating. Windows did just do an update, so that’s the best guess I have, since this looked fine yesterday. Anyone have a thought why this might be happening?


Have you tried rebooting your computer? It could be a font caching issue.

Yeah, that was the first thing I did.

Have you perhaps changed your display anti-aliasing settings inadvertently? I’d recommend using ClearType.

I keep noticing more than just the document itself affected. The whole thing looks a little off. Even in the tabs at the top (Setup, Write, etc.) the labels are slightly right of center. And the graphics in some of the tools are off as well, with clefs and the middle C not quite lining up with the staff lines behind them.

I didn’t change that, so unless the update did that shouldn’t be it. That said, I re-tuned it and it’s still off.

Yes, agreed, everything looks a bit misaligned. Check your display driver for updates, clear your font cache, try changing the anti-aliasing settings.

I’m not sure what I did, but it’s fine now. Weird. Appreciate your help!