Graphical issues

Yet another issue!!!
The Channel Settings window is not working properly. I wonder if anyone else has this issue?
The Meter section goes wide spontaneously and I can get it to reduce in size. How do you reduce the damn thing?

The menus and tabs at the top of the Channel Settings window sometimes disappear and you have to close and reopen the window.

The Mixer - collapsing the inserts/eq etc. has got difficult unless the mixer is pretty well expanded because of the select preset button. It can be difficult to hit the right spot. How anyone manages with a laptop I don’t know.

The Grey background disappears randomly when selecting certain windows.

Why can’t SB get these things right before they release? I can’tbelieve it is my machine as these issues were not apparent in 8.0.30


I managed to get rid of the wide meter by toggling between two channels a few times???