Graphical misalignment Cubase 10.40

Some graphical issues has come up. F.ex the bar is not correct aligned. Haven’t seen this befor 10.40


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Here, in this video you see the issue. The cursor is not aligned. But I found out by accident that the cursor gets align if I move the window! Clearly a bug.

And this holds for all cubase windows, not just editor

Did you ever resolve this issue? I’m having it now as well! it began when I was using a specific VST (Sonivox Woodwind Companion) but can’t be sure that was the cause.

Hi and welcome,

The screenshot is not available anymore. But it the issue is that the window is shifted to the left and there is a white frame on the left side, then this is a known and already reported issue. It came with the latest Windows 10 update.

Reported it to steinberg support, lets see what they have to say about the matter (if anything). My hunch is that some parts of the GUI were maybe, possibly never coded correctly for windows 10. If you apply the Windows application compatibility troubleshooter to Cubase 10 then Windows 10 will apply a windows 8 compatibility.

I have the 2004 update waiting. Should I not bother with it for now until the problems are fixed? I see there is also a problem with Cubase losing focus. Thanks