graphical Note Performer 3 bug with its mixer!

When I open the Note Performer instantiations from Play Mode, the Note Performer mixer appears fine on my MAIN Macbook Pro external monitor screen, as follows:

However, when I move that exact same mixer to my 2nd external monitor (without changing anything, etc.) it looks like this:

with (as far as I can see) no way to restore the “proper” mixer look that I saw on the main monitor. Is this a bug?

  • D.D.

Is the external monitor a Retina Display? Looks like a scaling issue to me.

The monitor where the messed up mixer occurs is actually non-Retina. I’ve tried seeing if I could zoom out, etc. but it’s unchangeable. My main monitor, however, is 4K (where the mixer looks fine). Curious if anyone else experiences this who is using 2 monitors. I also tried dragging the mixer to my laptop (Retina) monitor (also connected, but I usually leave it closed) and it again looked fine. Feels like a bug since I presume that it should be able to adjust to whichever monitors I’m using, even if one of them has a different resolution (?)

  • D.D.

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