Graphical Window glitch in version 8.0.20

Since the update I started to have this random graphical glitch in cubase 8 in most windows I open. (Wave-editor, midi editor etc). On some rare occasion on main window as well.

It goes away by minimizing and maximizing the window. But that gets pretty old fast. It happens mostly at the bottom of the screen, but sometimes at the top as well. On rare occasions it happens in the mixer window as well.

I never hibernate, using highest settings on my computer. Restart does not solve problem. Again, problem occurred after update, It was fine before.
I have the latest graphical drivers installed.

Intel i7
Windows 7 64 bit
8 gigs of ram
integrated AND NVIDIA 550m graphics card (no difference between cards in this case)
SSD Drive
Yamaha UR 242 USB Audio interface
windows glitch.png