Graphically moving objects in Elements

I’m using Dorico Elements 3.0.10

I have created a Lead Sheet with a chord symbol on bar 1 and a tempo mark. The tempo mark is very close to the chord symbol and looks cluttered so I was hoping to click on the temp mark and move it graphically up slightly but it doesn’t move.

How can I do this please in Dorico Elements

Thanks Glen

I don’t believe you can as both engrave mode and engraving options are only found in Dorico Pro.

I am very disappointed no one from the Development Team has commented on this problem.

I am not looking for a fully fledged Engrave Mode in Elements just the ability to tidy up the display slightly to correct the problem in my OP.

Another problem I have is creating a simple movable text frame. I am trying to create simple Lead Sheets for my home keyboard, one item I would like to add is which Voice and Style to use on my keyboard in the form of a text box in the top left of the page. With Elements this simple procedure seems impossible so I have to print out the page then write the voice and style with a pen - not ideal.

As I say I’m not looking for a full Engrave Suite in Elements just a bit more help creating acceptable looking Lead Sheets and at least the ability to add a text box (frame) anywhere on the page.

I cannot warrant upgrading to Pro to produce simple Lead Sheets, Finale’s Printmusic (Finale’s ‘Elements’) did this very well but is now six years old.

The answer that ChuckDimeCliff gave you is correct, GAJ52, so there didn’t seem any additional information I could usefully add. I certainly understand your frustration at not being able to tweak the position of an item in Elements, and I’ll think about how we might be able to implement this in future.

That would be great, thankyou.