Graphics and GUI response MAC needs to get better please!


i really love C 8.5 on my Macbook Retina.
Stability, features and general CPU performance are all very good for me.
No complaints here.

But unfortunately the graphics and GUI response is not very good.
Especially if projects get larger the response is really slow and sluggish.
It happens quit often to me, that i make fatal mistakes just because the GUI is reacting so slow.
Zooming, event selection, drag and drop are waaaay to slow.
Especially if you compare it to Cubase on PC or Logic on MAC.

If one uses C 8.5 just for fun or rather occasionally its actually not a big problem.
But it you work every day professionally with C 8.5 this can become a really disturbing and fatiguing issue.
At least this is the case for me.

I have noticed this also on other MAC systems, even on very Hi End and fast MAC Pro’s.
So i can confirm it’s not my system!

This needs to be adressed!
I understand that this might be the downside due to the cross compatibility of C 8.5.
Both versions share the same code and obviously C 8.5 is written for PC in the first place.
(just my 2 cents, i am not a developer…)

Any competent insights or statements would be highly appreciated.

This thread should not start a rant or a useless MAC vc PC discussion.

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I recently bought Cubase Artist 8.5 Education (Oktober 2016) and the synthesizers look really bad on Retina Display of my Mac. The knobs do not work properly maybe because they are that small and not clear. Can I do something for better resolution?

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