Graphics - Cant see the Toolbar..

Hi all,
I think I did some Optimization for performance some time ago, and it was fine when I was on Cubase7, but after going to Cubase8 I got problems with the StartUp screen upon firing up Cubase8. I adjusted something( cant remember what) and it went OK.
But, I still cant see the upper toolbar (File, Edit, Project etc) once in a while. Right after I have opened Cubase it is fine, but whenever I start opening up VSTs(doesnt matter what) it seems like the toolbar dissapear. I manage to work since I can only take my mouse pointer over “somewhere” where the “File” option(or Edit, or Prosject etc) and click the mouse, then I see the toolbar, even though its still somewhat “unclear”.

Do any of you guys know what graphic settings is needed for Cubase8 to work as intended graphically?

Im on Windows7…

I had that happen too. I think it was because my Windows Aero Theme was not working correctly.
As I recall I had to turn back on the Service called Desktop Windows Manager…comes up as dwm.exe in Task manager.

Or it went away after that plus I did a cubase update.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful…but it’s for sure a real that went away after getting Aero straighten out.


This happens to me when I switch to another screen outside of Cubase…There’s a post about this and how to fix it in the forum, I’ll try to find and post it.

This is a known issue. Happens to me all the time. I am a bit surprised Steinberg have not issues a patch fix for it

I tried everything, Aero, a new driver for your video card, etc. the Main menu is missing…Probably will only buy a new computer)))

Try a BIOS flash before giving up.

I was pulling my friggen hair out with a new build then… It all just worked after…

Hope it works for you as well.