Graphics Card Issue???

Hi There

I have recently upgraded my PC - Specs below:

•Intel Core i7-7700 3.6GHz
•ASUS H110M-R Motherboard
•DVD Writer
•Intel HD Graphics

Cubase 9.5
UR28M Interface

Everything is up and running but the performance is terrible currently.

I presume it’s due to the use of the on board graphics chip? Any other suggestions?

Can anyone suggest a PCIe (3) dual graphics card that’s not a fortune and will do the job.

Many thanks for any replies


I’ve used Intel HD embedded graphics for the past 4 years without any issues so I’m almost sure that this is not your issue. It’s most likely something else or maybe you’re using an old driver? Maybe if you give us some more information about the nature of the performance issues? Is it only poor graphics performance or do you get audio glitches?

The motherboard and its H110 chipset are low-end consumer products with reduced data bandwidth over other models, and could contribute to the problem. Honestly, if it was me I would have purchased a motherboard with the Z170 chipset.

Thanks for the replies.

The performance issues are this:- I’m running 6 tracks of audio with a couple of instances of Cubases own reverbs and compressors at (44.1k 16bit and 512 buffer size) and the disk usage is showing zero (as I would expect), but the performance meter is showing the average load up to 80% at times and the real time peak about 50%. My old PC system (AMD) about 5 years old and cheap performs better. Something’s not right.

Many thanks


Yes, 80% average load for 6 audio tracks and a few plugins is very high especially when your buffer setting is already on 512. The real time peak of 50% should not be an issue as long as the average load is fairly low. You could start to enable the Steinberg powerscheme and try Asio Guard. Also take a look at your bios at the cpu power settings and disable all cpu throttling like c-sates, speedstep etc. If you still have issues run Latencymon to see what driver(s) may cause this. Usb, network and graphics drivers are well know to cause problems like this.

Will do… thank you!

Hi all

I have resolved my problem by installing a dedicated graphics card (GT 730 Silent 2GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card).

I did have to reinstall the chipset drivers and other win 10 setup drivers as initially it didn’t work.

Hope this helps