Graphics card or cable

Hi there,i know this is not cubase related,but i thought be quickest way to get an answer,as im a cubase user.
i switched on pc the other day,i have 2 monitors,1 of them was projecting a red tint on the screen(best way of describing it) i fiddled with back of cable on monitor and it would go normal,but when i moved the monitor back to position it went red again.
i changed the cable over to the other monitor(which was fine) but it had red tint too.
So i googled it and figured it must be the cable.
my graphics card is ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series.The monitor ports on the card are 1 is DVI the other is VGA.Its the DVI one which is causing the issue.
i ordered a new cable and it came today,plugged it in,there is no red tint,but what i have now is a kind of blurry image.Its like all the icons have left a little skid mark(hard to describe)
i was going to screenshot it to show you guys,but the wierd thing is when i screenshot it and save it,if i open it on monitor that is fine the screenshot is fine.
please oh please someone help!

So you have changed the cable and that made no difference. A screen shot is no good as that is a picture of what will be sent to the monitor and not what the monitor displays.
So with the new cable have you set up the monitor resolution correctly in windows?

To be honest the monitor sounds like it’s on its last legs or at least it’s connector is. Do you know of anyone you can try the output of the graphics card to there monitor to check. Does your monitor also have a vga input so you can see if that works?

The only way you can really check is swapping things around and trying on different monitors or inputs. If you can’t then it could be the card or the monitor.

hi,thanks for reply,i have dual monitor setup,one of the graphics cards outputs is vga the other is dvi
i swapped them over and it does ot on the other monitor when i use the dvi

What does **"‘ot" on the other monitor’**mean?

i had to think myself what it meant! hehe
typo, meant to be “it”

its like everything on the screen is casting a slight shadow,if only i could take a screenshot

It sounds like the output of the card if it does it on both monitors. Is it the same with both cables as you said originally the screen was more green. Are you using the dvi port as a vga? I ask as if you were using it as a digital output then I don’t think you would see that. Whereas if you are using it as vga with an adapter then if you lost one or two of the colours (you have rgb red, green and blue) you would see the problem with the screen being dominant with one colour.

Are there any settings in the driver related to this?

the output on the card is dvi,but the input on the monitor is vga
it worked ok for years,just last week noticed the red tint,then bought new cable
red tint has gone, new problem has came
so the cable is dvi to vga

im just looking at the cable now that was producing the red tint,years after working fine.
it is dvi it has some of the pins missing would that be causing the red tint?
but then i was looking into this and found this info online…

There’s DVI-A (which DOES have the four square holes around the flat blade torwards the end, but is also missing several of the regular pins). This connector will only pass analog, not digital, but will plug into a DVI-I port.

im going to try something, my motherboard is Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3,but i dont use the graphics on it, i had the pc custom built way back when,and was advised to get the ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series. i probably was stiched up,nonetheless,my question is this.
if i disable the radeon graphics in device manager,will i be able to use the motherboard graphics? as i see 2 monitor outputs on it,although like the radeon,one is vga the other dvi.

Integrated graphics produced within, say, the last 5 years are generally good enough to run the visuals in audio apps. Couldn’t say, from personal experience, about running 2 monitors, but, judging by posts on Gearspace, it can be done, depending on resolution settings.

But, if your integrated graphics are older than 5 years, I’d recommend using a dedicated graphics card for your visuals.

could it be just a poor quality cable i have bought?
the cable i had with the red tint on screen seemed to be missing some pins,but as i said i had it for years with no issues.
videos on youtube play ok,the picture is ok,its just the text youtube all the titles along the right are like bad photocopes,you know when you photocopy and there is a dark background on the page.

I wouldn’t know what to add to the suggestions you’ve already gotten.