Graphics Card Upgrade


What would you recommend I upgrade my graphics card to for use with Cubase 8 Pro (Windows Aero)?

I have an AMD Radeon HD 7450

(processor is Intel i7 i4770)

Thanks in advance.

Why ? The 7450 should be plenty fine.

It doesn’t score very high with Aero

Need to do something to help the dreadful performance issues

Think the Radeon is the bottleneck. i7 4770 got it´s own graphic (Intel HD Graphics 4600) and this is far beyond the power of your video-card…

I have an 3770K (Ivy Bridge) and use the integrated graphics with two monitors with zero problems.
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The on-board GPU does fair better - much better.

But what card can I get that’s better than the onboard on my i4770 (HD4600) ?


Also, how can I optimize the settings for HD 4600 for use with Aero and Cubase 8 pro ?

Thank you

I run the AMD HD7790 with 3 monitors and it runs perfectly well with C8

I have performance issues with C8 that I didn’t in 7.5

Would like to know how to optimize my settings for the onboard GPU

I wouldn’t necessarily assume it’s your fault regarding performance issues until Steinberg actually finishes it’s product.

I’m having performance issues with CP8 and my “puter” is definitely up to scratch

Just DON’T. Don’t burn any cash… I had similar dilemma, and friends @ computer shop let me test brand new card today, which was (in their opinion) “better” than my integrated graphic ( i-7 4790 CPU). The same song and dance :slight_smile: Made no difference at all.

Frustrating, though.

I don’t have any of these issues with Cubase 7.5

I get better Aero and 3D performance with the HD 4600 than with the AMD Radeon 7450, but my CPU usage has now risen. I can’t win.

dman2014, you hope to win in computer world? HAHAHA. Ain’t gonna happen on this side of “ones and zeros”. I’m really happy with Cubase 7.5 and I don’t mind pushing CPU to its limits :slight_smile: The same goes for RAM (32GB)

True… I was happy with 7.5 but there are features in 8 that would be useful to me :-\

With having no issues in C7.5, I didn’t expect a problem with 8 with my PC. And to be fair, when C8P has problems on my PC, my CPU and memory usage are pretty low.

If I load the same VST in 7.5 and 8, the performance meters are way higher in 8

head explodes

this is a straightforward f___k up by Steinberg, they’ve suckered us all…

Problems…problems… they don’t necessarily appear when you EXPECT them :slight_smile: and if we do, they say it’s Murphy’s Law. On a serious note, I was surprised to see some moments, but I keep fingers crossed for Steinberg and I hope they’ll make everything work. Those GUI moments made me curious to taste a few graphic cards. The same results all over again.

I would say half your issue’s is your data transfer as 5.9 is a pretty bad score for a DAW

For pure mixing, no vsti’s i have a 30% to 60% increase in power, compared to Cubase 7.5 im a little baffled that some of you have less performance

That’s a bit misleading, as that’s not the audio drive.

It’s been 5.9 for a long time on that drive (HDD), though, and I never had a problem before the update to C8P. As I say, no problem at all with 7.5.

I also use Sonar X3 for some projects, and everything is fine with that.

The only things that’s changed on my system is that I upgraded from 7.5 to 8