Graphics export does not recognize page size in Layout Options

Print > Printer does not recognize my 9x6 page size, but that’s because my printer is stupid and does not recognize that paper size.

Print > Graphics > .pdf has exported to the appropriate page size in the past, but today, it seems to want to export to U. S. Letter.

I’m trying to place a .pdf into InDesign, but it is rendering at too large a size. The only thing I can think of is I’m doing something wrong with Dorico’s print or layout options.

@dan_kreider this is for that hymnal project that is taking me forever - I’m learning InDesign slowly, but having worked with Dorico’s UI has given me an unexpected leg-up.

Printer issues are beyond Steinberg’s control, but I hope a way can be found to deal with these sorts of issues as much as the Steinberg crew can manage on its end. Thanks, all!

Whatever your page size is in Layout Options, that’s what the export will be, 100%.

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You are indeed correct, sir. It turns out I’m not setting up margins correctly to account for InDesign’s printable margins which seem to be immovable, though it may be my printer is just not getting the job done.

My brain is a complete kludge with stuff like this. @dan_kreider, what was your process for proper margins in Dorico that InDesign can use? Page size does not seem to be an issue, and I’ve figured out how to do fitting-with-frames.

It’s the printable margins I’m worried over now. As you can tell, I’m brand-new to InDesign. Thanks in advance to you and to anyone else who cares to chime in!

“Margins” in IDD are just visual guidelines for this. I import the 6x9 PDFs from Dorico as full-size, to the page edge. That’s easiest. You don’t need to worry about bleed unless you have full-bleed images, which is not a thing in hymnals typically. Just make Dorico files 6x9, set your margins in Dorico (I do something like 30pts all around), and import full-size into a 6x9 IDD project.