Graphics glitch when dragging in channel strip

Nothing too bad, but I’ve seen a similar issue when capturing “Picture to Media Rack”, where it seems to be accessing a different region of the screen.


I cannot reproduce it here, but I’m on Mac. What graphic card do you use, please? Could you try to update the graphic card driver, please?

Hi Martin, it’s a RTX 2070 Super, drivers are up to date (460.89), Windows 10.

@arieln That behaviour doesn’t occur here (Windows). It behaves as expected

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So, here are some other findings that might help…

  • Enabling hidpi fixes the issue.
  • Without hidpi, and Windows Scale to 100% also works fine.

I’m using two 4k monitors and a scale of 150% (no hidpi), so the issue might be due the Windows scale.

@Parrotspain, what are your current settings?.