graphics lag, jerky in Cubase pro 9.5.1

Scrolling and general graphics in Cubase pro 9.5.1 seem buggy and jumpy with reference to previous versions, makes detailed editing difficult. this manifests in all windows including main project window.
Windows 10 all updates, Nvidia gtx 970 all drivers updated, RME audio cards, all updated, intel I7 7700, 32 gB of ram.

Hi and welcome,

Nvidia graphic card are very problematic now, with Cubase.

Try this. Try to install the latest Nvidia driver. If it doesn’t help, try to install 373.06 version, please.

Hiya. I have rolled back to the suggested driver and it has not improved the issue, it is making detailed work very difficult. should i update to the latest graphics driver again, or is there a fix on the horizon. i use this software in a professional capacity and it is making me look bad. please could you help sort this out as a matter of some urgency.
thanks for your time

Steve Murrell


Yes, then I would recommend to upgrade to the latest NVIDIA driver.

But then I’m also unfortunately out of any ideas (I’m not a Windows guy), sorry.