Graphics on Mac vs PC CBP

Does anyone,know why the Cubase Pro 8.5 graphics looks sharper and more clear on a Mac?
I have CBP 8.5 on a Windows 10 Pro Workstation,and on my MacBook Pro, and Cubase looks way sharper and easier to read on my mac.
Now I’m comparing both on the same 27" Monitor.
My PC has a Nivida GTX 960 with 4gb of ram, and my MBP has the stock video card that came with it.
I’d sure like to have my PC looks as sharp as my Mac.
Anyone else have any idea’s or thoughts, on why this is, or how can I make my PC, look more like the Mac, as far as clarity,and shapes goes?


Everything is brighter on Mac. :smiley:

Did you try to make a screenshot, and then compare them in the one system? Does it look the same? Maybe a system color scheme could be different. Also the font could look slightly different.

Martin,thanks for your response,the fonts are different, but the mac just appears more “3 D” for a better lack of words.

Historically, the windows version of Cubase was always a lot snappier in its GUI and general use.

I’ve a feeling us windows users have had to loose some of this due to the cross platform work that has been going on recently to make the OSX version of Cubase more competitive.

older versions of Cubase (V.7)are still graphically a lot crisper and snapper than the current version on the PC.

the whole taskbar at the top is completely alien to windows but it’s been force on us to help with cross platform compatibility.

I’d love to see us back to the days where the windows version wasn’t compromised because of OSX coding.