graphics problem with waves plugins (mainly) in Cubase 5

Hi everyone, I am running cubase 5 and have a bundle of waves plugins including the “one knob” series. All my plugins were working fine, then all of a sudden the graphics of the plugin dashboard/ control panel has pixelated. The pixels are about 15mm square and are brightly colored, and vaguely resemble the original console.
The plugins still actually work, you just can’t control them anymore as the controls have turned into these colored blocks. my other non waves plugins work fine. Since this happened, I have had issues closing project which have the waves plugins as inserts on the channels- it tries to close and then crashes.
Projects without the waves plugins open and work normally.

Has anyone had this problem before and if so what was the fix?

Many thanks in advance!

There is no fix as far as I know, other than close/reopen.

As for the close and crash, that’s interesting. This happens on my Cubase, but I did not link it to Waves. I thought it was a UAD thing. I don’t think UAD and Cubase 7 are yet to actually play nice even after the update.

Hey thanks for the reply! Was beginning to think this was a new one!
What do you mean by close/ reopen? Actually close and re-open the whole of cubase?

I have either fixed or vastly improved the crash on closing project issue. I got a cubase 5.1 update patch and installed that and now it generally works better and doesn’t crash when I close the project (even with waves plugins in use), so I would agree that it’s not liked to the waves GUI issue.

I got a waves plugin update too, but it hasn’t helped the graphics problem. I have this problem every single time I use cubase- really doing my head in as I can’t get to the bottom of it!

Sorry for the delay. Well, yeah, with Waves NLS for ex. if close/open the plugin doesn’t work, I will have to close/open project. Sometimes though, I’ll see the graphic problem, close it, maybe open another NLS instance and it will fix itself.

I haven’t really used NLS that much, when I experience this bug, it has always been NLS BUSS, which I rarely use. I’ll probably be able to look into it further this weekend, as it happens to be time to set up some aux buses in my current project! :slight_smile: