[GRATITUDE] 7.0.40: Save Times on Edit Heavy Projects

I did not see this in the “fixed” list for N7.0.40, but it is fixed, and it’s huge.

One of my most irritating issues with Nuendo up to this point was the way saving slowed down after a certain point in a project with many edits. I often had to bounce files to reduce the number of edits in an audiobook chapter, for example, just to keep saving snappy and to avoid the color wheel not uncommonly for ten seconds +. I’d then have to “remove unused media” from the pool. Sped things up, but was not at all good form in regards to saving edit history. I’d see all of the little processed chunks in the pool trash and dump’em.

This has apparently changed with .40. I’m about an hour and a half into a chapter, and typically Nuendo would be choking by now. But it’s not. It’s as snappy as it was at the start of the project, pre-edit. I noticed that the little chunks of processed audio no longer appear in the pool, though they do exist in the edit folder.

This, whatever you all did, is an awesome, dramatic improvement for me. Have been wanting it since N3, at least, which is when I first noticed the problem.

So… basically:

Thank you!


It’s the small details like this that are always pleasing. I always wonder how much time I wasted waiting for large projects to save.

I haven’t updated yet, but this seems worth it.

Talk about an Easter egg. I can’t believe they didn’t broadcast this. It has already made a big difference in both my workflow and my attitude!



Do you guys have the automatic hitpoint feature enabled?
I found that turning this off made the problem go away in previous versions.
Now if it’s fixed for good I might try re-enabling it…

I did/do not. Always have it turned off for big editing projects; have rarely had a use for it.

The problem used to start after about 1/2 hr of intense editing (I’ve never actually quantified the number of edits, but probably up in the early-to-mid-hundreds, if you count both “hard” cuts and offline processes). By forty minutes it would get really slow, and a bounce would be necessary if I was going to habitually save (autosaves seemed to go reasonably well). By an hour/hour and a half it just became impractical to do anything without bouncing, and the chances of crashing during an autosave had increased to an uncomfortable level.

This behavior appears to be all gone now. It feels like a weight has been lifted. So far.