I just made it through Advent, Christmas, Lent and now Easter with a lot more scoring to do than the ordinary year - all with a STABLE and smoothly sailing Dorico setup. Thanks and kudos to Daniel, the team and this community! :smiley:

That’s a friendly post! :slight_smile:
But… what is Lent – for the non-Virginians…?…

It’s the season of preparation for Good Friday and Easter.

Fastenzeit, as they say in Stuttgart.

I too would like to say once again how much I’m enjoying Dorico. I’m re-setting many of my old scores and not only am I able to do it so much quicker, but so much better! And my new projects are a delight.

Happy as a clam here too.

I made a 66(!) page worship aid booklet for Holy Week for our parish as copious translations were needed as we are a bilingual parish (trilingual if you count Latin). I set each musical snippet in Dorico as separate flows within one document. I was able to export each flow as a graphic and then set each in my publishing program. It was awesome. I didn’t need to have 26 different project files. Just one. Talk about saving me time!

My sweet spot has been orchestral parts. I’ve been exporting all my old scores from Finale to XML as they come up in our orchestra rotation, and redoing them in Dorico. I’m fairly obsessed with how they look. Beautiful.

Indeed. Things look so nice in Dorico that I sometimes re-engrave things that I don’t technically “need” to just because scores generated in other programs appear so ugly to me now. Sometimes I find modern editions of music on places like cpdl and think, “hell no”. Lol. Just like that I lose an afternoon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Happens in the blink of an eye but I love it. My choir is increasingly spoiled and I don’t think they have any idea how much worse it could be for them if I wasn’t obsessed with engraving music just for the fun of it. I’ve spared them many a wretched score! (To be clear: I don’t mean to trumpet my own engraving as somehow the be-all-end-all of aesthetic perfection (although I do think I’m getting decent at it). Dorico gives such a great launching point that it’s “easy” to make beautiful scores.)